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We specially produce STMMA copolymer resin series mold materials for foam lost casting, STMMA foamable copolymer resin beads, and they are mainly used to produce castings for valves, pipings, car fittings and various machinery fittings.

Compared with EPS, STMMA series foamable copolymer resin beads have much excellent casting performances

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About us

CASTCHEM(HANGZHOU),INC. is an American company located in the Hangzhou Tangqi Industrial Park. We produce materials for foamed plastic molds used in lost foam casting.

We successfully developed and produced the STMMA series of molding materials for lost foam castings, of which “novel foamable copolymer resin” (simplified as STMMA resin) and its preparation process fulfills a domestic need and was granted with patents in China and the USA. Our company was granted certification of the ISO 9001-2000 standard quality system in May of 2004.

We will make efforts to eliminate the current casting status of serious working environment and high labor intensity and make the castings lighter.


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